Family Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh – Family is a major driver of migration. and family immigration process is the migration of people or family to the country where the family member holds the permanent residence, citizenship, green card, etc. And it encompasses several sub-categories: reunification with a family member who migrated earlier (a person with subsidiary protection is also entitled to (re)unite with family members); family accompanying a principal migrant; an immigrant and a citizen marriage; or marriage between an immigrant and a foreigner living abroad; and international adoptions. And to provide you the accurate guidance we at Hallmark immigration stands above as top Family Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.

Family (re)unification programs are the predominant means to collect data on family immigration. These programs were developed to ensure the right to a family enshrined in Article 16 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Data on family migration depends upon residence permits issued to family members or visas, as well as population registers.

Family Immigration Aspects:

Family immigration is the way where you can reunite your family on the bases of permanent residency or citizenship. the family members that are considered for this aspect are the ones in blood relation, majorly parents, spouse, dependent children. There are many other aspects in this context of family immigration. Go below to check out.

  • Family formation refers to the situation in which “a resident, national or foreigner, marries a foreigner and sponsors that individual for admission or for status change” (OECD, 2017). Members of a family who are admitted together with the principal migrant” termed under family immigration.
  • And if we discuss International adoption is that where a “resident, national or foreigner, adopts a child of foreign nationality resident abroad” (OECD, 2017).
  • The person who applies for refugee or another immigration status is Principal/primary/main applicant “. Usually a spouse and any minor children) are considered derivative applicants and receive the same status afforded to the principal applicant”.
  • One who relies on another for support is a dependent member. In the migration context, a spouse and minor children are generally considered ‘dependents’, even if the spouse is not financially dependent” (IOM, 2011).
  • Persons married to migrant workers or having with them a relationship that are the family members, according to applicable law, produces effects equivalent to marriage, as well as their dependent persons or children who are recognized as members of the family by applicable legislation or applicable bilateral or multilateral agreements between the States concerned”
  • The scope of family reunification depends on national law. In some countries, same-sex partners (registered or married) or unmarried partners are also included, whereas others may not (European Migration Network, 2017). Thus, the definition of whom family members can comprise varies across countries.

Data on the transnational family hood are scarce.

Despite the growing importance of this type of family arrangement in recent years, there is still limited knowledge on the scale and dynamics of this type of family arrangement in a migration context. Evidence-based policy is needed to ensure the migration of a family member does not need to lead to those left behind suffering. And we at Hallmark immigration helps our clients in every possible way with correct and up to the mark guidance.

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